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David Bowie once sang, “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” As I get a little older and “turn to face the strain,” I, too, realize that time marches on and that change comes upon us in many forms (some I can keep pace with and others that blow right by me). One thing remains constant, though, and that is that “change,” in whatever form, usually means new opportunities and new challenges.

As a new Congress has already been seated and as a new President has now taken office with promises to bring “Change,” it is important that West Virginia’s lawyers, whether representing plaintiffs or defendants, be ready to manage the opportunities or challenges presented by the legal changes which are coming.

As your mediator, I view my job as keeping abreast of the changes which impact litigants and the resolution of their disputes. So, in order to keep myself and my readers informed, I will be making posts from time to time about significant case decisions and legislative action as well as general observations about alternative dispute resolution.

First things first. And that means that I need to complete my setup before making more posts.

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