Brain Injury Awareness Month

The recent death of actress Natasha Richardson from a brain injury she suffered after falling on a beginner’s ski slope has brought attention to the potentially devastating impacts which can result from what appears to be a mild head injury.  While Ms. Richardson’s death was tragic, it brings home the need for awareness about the risks of head injuries, the precautions that can be taken to prevent such injuries and the treatment options available after such injuries.  

In an excellent article by ABC News, Dr. Alan Faden, a professor of neuroscience at Georgetown University, explains the surprising frequency of head injuries and explains that even apparently mild traumatic injuries can result in severe complications.  Ironically, March has been declared Brain Injury Awareness Month, and the focus this year is on Sports and Concussions. You can learn more about the brain injury awareness campaign by visiting the Brain Injury Association of America’s website.  

My office represents people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and acquired brain injuries.  As a litigator, my understanding of the medical and scientific issues helps me to effectively represent my clients.  As a mediator, this same knowledge allows me to help parties resolve brain injury cases in a fair and efficient manner.

As always, to hire me as a mediator in a traumatic brain injury or other case, or just to learn more about my mediation practice areas, click here “Mediating with Keith Jones.”

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