FEES ($250.00 per hour): Except as provided below, or as ordered by a court, an agency or as established by an engaging panel, all dispute resolution services conducted by Mr. Jones, including telephone conferences, preparation time to review position/document submissions, court communications and all other time associated with the engagement, are billed at the rate of $250.00 per hour, plus reimbursement of any copying, postage or travel expenses (i.e., mileage reimbursement at the permitted IRS rate and, when the engagement requires an overnight stay, meals and lodging).  Unless otherwise agreed at the time services are rendered, at the conclusion of the dispute resolution services engagement, the party or the attorney for each party, if any, will be provided with a bill for that party’s share of such fees and reimbursable expenses.

JOINT RESPONSIBILITY OF ATTORNEYS and EACH PARTY: Even though the retaining attorneys are acting as an agent for their client (i.e., a disclosed principal), in consideration of Mr. Jones reserving time to provide dispute resolution services without requiring prepayment of fees, each party and each party’s attorney, if any, undertake to be jointly and severally responsible and liable for timely payment to the Jones Law Group PLLC of that party’s dispute resolution services invoice, including fees and reimbursement of expenses.

PREPAYMENT FLAT FEE/Full Day Reserved: If the parties elect to reserve a full day of dispute resolution services (8 hours constituting a full day) and make a non-refundable prepayment in full no later than twenty-four hours before the commencement of such services (as consideration for reserving the full day at a reduced rate), then the flat fee rate for such services shall be $1,200 per day, paid equally by the parties, plus reimbursable expenses as stated above, if any (to be billed after services are rendered subject to the terms in the preceding paragraphs).  Any time after 8 hours will be also be billed after services are rendered at $225.00 per hour subject to the terms in the preceding paragraphs.

LITIGATED CASES: Dispute resolution services in pending civil actions will be conducted in accordance with the applicable Federal or State court statutes and/or rules.  Unless agreed to in advance by the parties, the dispute resolution proceeding shall be attended by an attorney and the client or, in the case of a corporation or other legal entity, by an attorney and an officer or employee of the client. 

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