Mediation with Keith Jones

Thanks for taking the time to learn about my mediation practice and the things, legal and otherwise, that I find to be interesting in the world.   My name is Keith Jones.  I have been practicing law now for over 25 years.  My primary work has been as a litigation and trial attorney, representing plaintiffs and corporate defendants, in civil litigation.  I have learned from and litigated against a number of excellent West Virginia attorneys and have made appearances in the majority of West Virginia’s circuit courts.  More recently, I have become qualified to and have been sought out by others to serve as an advanced mediator here in West Virginia.

If you need a qualified mediator, I hope you will provide me with an opportunity to work toward a resolution of your present dispute.  While I can’t guarantee a particular result, my goal as your mediator will be getting to the point at which the parties are able to bring certainty to an uncertain situation.  A point at which they will choose to avoid the time and expense of litigation through a mediated compromise or settlement.

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