Coal, Oil and Gas Law


The energy sector is vital component to West Virginia’s economy.  As with any other economic activity, disputes will arise within the energy sector which are well-suited to alternative dispute resolution proceedings.  In particular, dispute resolution services can be valuable to the coal, oil and gas industries in the following types of disputes:

Coal Mining Industry

  • assignment issues
  • blasting disputes
  • contract breach and remedy disputes
  • contract negotiations
  • coal and mineral supply agreement disputes
  • coal trading, specs and guarantees
  • commercial impracticability issues
  • competing severed mineral interests
  • cost-plus relationships
  • delivery, shipping and transportation disputes
  • environmental disputes
  • financing disputes
  • force majeure issues
  • governmental impact issues
  • insurance disputes
  • lease agreement disputes
  • labor and employment disputes
  • major accident litigation
  • mineral purchase and sale agreements
  • personal injury
  • premises liability
  • pricing, price escalation and price reopening disputes
  • sulfur content disputes
  • wrongful death litigation

Oil and Gas Industry

  • acquisition agreement and other contract disputes
  • adjoining landowner disputes
  • conflicting surveys and seismic reports
  • deed construction disputes
  • drainage and development disputes
  • environmental disputes
  • exploration agreement disputes
  • failure to pay royalties
  • failure to produce
  • failure to return site to original condition
  • failure to perform other operator duties
  • gas mismeasurement disputes
  • gas processing issues
  • insurance disputes relating to well, pipeline and drilling accidents
  • joint operating agreement disputes
  • labor and employment disputes
  • landowner and lessee disputes
  • lease, royalty and mineral rights disputes
  • marketing disputes
  • Marcellus Shale disputes
  • mitigation issues
  • personal injury
  • pipeline construction, placement and easement issues
  • pollution issues
  • pooling and unitization disputes
  • post-production cost allocation disputes
  • premises liability
  • repudiation disputes
  • royalty disputes
  • seismic and geophysical testing issues
  • successor liability
  • surface damage disputes
  • title issues
  • trespass disputes
  • unconventional gas drilling disputes

Some of these issues are addressed from time-to-time in my blog, Mediating Certainty, where I make posts concerning mediation generally and concerning important West Virginia legal developments.

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